HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice


Fast. Immediate. Reliable.

HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice is the tried and tested way to take care of your oil effectively.  It is the reliable way to avoid the costly consequences of heavily contaminated oil.

Hydraulic oil is an important engineering element in hydraulic systems, but maintaining it is often neglected. Yet regular oil care is one of the critical factors in ensuring trouble-free operation. Because all hydraulic components in mobile or stationary hydraulic systems move on an oil film less than 10 μm thick. For the sake of comparison: A human hair is about 70 μm thick. This minimal oil film guarantees that machines function without friction. But this can only work properly if the oil is 100% clean.

In practice, however, more than 80 percent of all hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems display a high level of contamination. Contamination levels of >12A according to SAE AS 4059 measurements or >ISO 22/19/16 are not uncommon in hydraulic systems. This makes effective oil care all the more important. Even unused oil is often contaminated before it is delivered. So it is not sufficient just to change the hydraulic oil and system filters every so often. To reliably avoid increased component wear and malfunctions, possibly including total shutdown, choose the HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice.

HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice Analysis Vehicle

Fluid changes are based on the condition of the fluid, so they can be carried out as cost-effectively as possible. By choosing the HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice, you will be placing the responsible task of oil analysis and care in the hands of experienced specialists. Our fleet of on-call Fluidservice vehicles are fully equipped for performing thorough oil analyses on site.


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Consulting, selecting and optimising hydraulic systems, hydraulic fluids, and transmission fluids
  • Fluid service work in mobile/industrial hydraulics
  • Conversions from mineral-based oil to bio-oil

Fast oil analysis onsite

Scope of analysis: The oil analysis includes counting the contaminant particles in the oil and determining its contamination class according to

  • ISO 4406 (1999)
  • SAE AS4059
  • NAS 1638

The service also includes an optical analysis of the fluid, in which its condition is examined directly in the vehicle with the aid of a microscope. The samples are photographed through the microscope to provide a visual record. In this analysis, the most critical properties of the fluid, such as viscosity and density, are evaluated under real-life conditions. This enables our experts to determine whether the hydraulic oil in question is a mineral oil, a synthetic oil, or a mixture of the two. The quantity of water in the oil is also determined accurately. The oxidation measurement is used to determine the degree of oil ageing (oxidation) compared with fresh oil.

Immediate fault detection on the basis of:

  • Oil mixture
  • Oil contamination
  • Water in oil
  • Detection of damage to components, e.g.:
    Pump damage, damage to hydraulic system, motors, and cylinders, hose lines, hydraulic filters, etc.

Partial flow filter systems ensure that your systems and hydraulic fluids are cleaned continuously and effectively. Besides all this, our fluid experts can offer specialised technical assistance and services for everything from "water in oil" to conversions to bio-oils.

HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice – for effective oil care


  • Onsite fluid technology consulting
  • Oil sampling by qualified professionals
  • Analysis of oil samples at the customer‘s site
  • Analysing and logging data for the customer
  • Developing and planning upcoming fluid service projects with the customer
  • Designing and installing partial flow filter systems
  • Cleaning media (fluids) with NFSA
  • Cleaning complete systems and components
  • Changing oil/Flushing components and systems
  • Optimising filter systems
  • Minimising components, preventing wear in production
  • Preventing wear in production
  • Extends the service life of oil