HANSA-FLEX South Africa

In 1978, four friends joined forces and started trading in hydraulic and allied mining equipment, and in fact offered a hybrid service to customers on almost anything they could sell. Back then, the company way called Godfrey Lequesne Pty Ltd (pronounced Le Cain).

When in 1982 Steeltrade Supply Pty Ltd approached the owners of Godfrey Lequesne with the intention to sell their hydraulic line tube division, the partners grasped the opportunity and soon took ownership of the hydraulic steel tube stock together with workshop equipment, shelves, motor vehicle, phones and premises.

The company grew quickly and soon tube fittings and many other hydraulic accessory product ranges were added to the product portfolio. Despite various bigger players in the southern African industry, Hydraulic Steel Tube or HST as it was known then challenged for top position in the fixed line tube market in South Africa. In an effort to broaden the product portfolio and deliver more value to its customers, HST also introduced flexible Hydraulic Hoses which market grew similarly successfully.

In 2007, the majority of shares in Hydraulic Steel Tube were bought by HANSA-FLEX International GmbH because of its dominance and knowledge in the South African market. In 2009, the company’s name changed to HANSA-FLEX SA (Pty) Ltd and has since been trading as HST HANSA-FLEX Southern Africa.

HST HANSA-FLEX today operates 5 branches in South Africa and as the African Headquarter for the HANSA-FLEX organization exports to customers, distributors and partners on the entire Sub Saharan continent.  

Company Profile HANSA-FLEX Worldwide

The significance of fluid technology is worldwide constantly increasing and so are the expectations of more the HANSA-FLEX customers from all industrial sectors.

HANSA-FLEX has become Europe’s leading company for all areas of hydraulics.

The key factor in this success is system partnership. It is the breadth and depth of products and services available that make the company such a valued partner today. In a key technology like hydraulics, customers prefer solutions from a single source. Our extensive network of subsidiaries opens the door to HANSA-FLEX’s world of service to you.

Our customers systems and machineries must run – safely, reliably and 24/7. Availability plays the determining factor, down times are expensive. The protection of humans and the environment excludes compromises in the quality of our work. With ultimate perfection and fast availability of all our products and services we always try to maintain that high level of extensive responsibility – with good results: More benefits for our customers.