PTFE hoses

Trendsetting. For sensitive applications.

New standards are set in food industry, shipbuilding, aeronautics and many other areas by PTFE hoses from HANSA-FLEX.

There are many industrial applications that do not permit the use of metal hoses. The food industry needs neutrality of taste and odour to transport sensitive products, like for instance yoghurt. In addition, the clean surface supports the bacteriological safety, simplifies cleaning and extends product durability.

However, there are many more applications. Thus, in the tyre industry the vapour flowing through the PTFE hoses preheats the moulds in the vulcaniser presses. In the aviation sector they transport fuel and coolant.


To keep pipes from cracking, special PTFE hoses are integrated as vibration dampers in pipe lines. They also are increasingly applied in shipbuilding and pharmaceutical industry.

Perfect characteristics for all media

HANSA-FLEX PTFE hoses can be used for almost all liquid, solid and gaseous media. They are not flammable, and due to their special material very flexible and light. The temperature scale ranges from -60 ° to +260 °C. For application in explosion-protected areas an antistatic design is possible. PTFE hoses can be equipped with meshwork as substrate, made of different materials.  For special applications, the hoses can also be equipped with a protection hose made of stainless steel.

Top quality with FDA approval

The hoses convince by their uncompromising quality, regardless whether series production or spare part. Each hose is a single-piece production, which is subject to a tightness test and documentation prior to delivery. The FDA approval furnishes the proof that the PTFE hoses can also be applied in sensitive food productions. On top of that there are the advisory skills: In the event of particularly demanding applications, the HANSA-FLEX specialists can be involved at an early stage to find the optimal solution.


One material – many applications

HANSA-FLEX PTFE-hoses – the better alternative

  • Future material PTFE
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • Non-combustible
  • Shock resistant
  • Temperature resistant from -60 °C to +260 °C
  • For liquid, solid and gaseous media
  • FDA approval for food products
  • Antistatic design for explosion protection possible
  • Metal sheathing optional
  • Single-piece productions
  • Triple quality inspection and documentation
  • Advice in all project phases
  • Employee training