HANSA-FLEX Rapid hydraulic service

Fast and mobile local expertise.

Rapid hydraulic service reduces down times to a minimum

Unscheduled stoppages need to be resolved as quickly as possible as every lost hour of operation costs money. With FLEXXPRESS, HANSA-FLEX offers a rapid service that is with you immediately whenever you need it – round the clock, 365 days a year – and wherever you are. One call is all it takes – our electronic control system guides a vehicle directly to your site. Our modern service vehicles have engines that meet the Euro 4 emissions standards, which means that they can still operate when others can no longer drive because of their fine dust particle emissions. 

FLEXXPRESS is never far away

We are continually expanding our service fleet in Germany and throughout Europe. Our customers can rest assured that they can get the product quality and service expertise they have come to expect at all times.

If a spare part is not available on the service vehicle, FLEXXPRESS offers an additional benefit: The required part can be obtained quickly from the nearest HANSA-FLEX location.


Mobile workshops for any situation

As well as expert emergency assistance, the FLEXXPRESS vehicles also provide valuable mobile workshop facilities. Whether it is for small projects, major construction sites or providing shortterm support in dealing with peak work-loads – HANSA-FLEX  is a flexible and efficient service provider that you can count on.

Fully-equipped experienced service engineers

FLEXXPRESS service engineers are specially trained to deal with their complex jobs. Customer personnel are not normally required, which means that repairs can begin right away. The workshop operates independently of external power supplies and carries a full range of equipment for dismantling, preparing and installing hydraulic hose lines. Cutters, stripping equipment and hose presses are all on board, along with a wide range of spare parts. Defective hose lines can be replaced extremely quickly if you use our X-CODE system. The 6-character alphanumeric code allows HANSA-FLEX to reliably identify the component and the FLEXXPRESS service engineer has an identical part ready when he arrives.


FLEXXPRESS Rapid Hydraulic Service – Always there for you

  • 24 hour callout – 365 days a year
  • Free call
  • Mobile workshop for dismantling, preparation and installation of hydraulic hose lines
  • Complete range of equipment and spare parts on board
  • Experienced service engineers on board
  • Close co-operation with HANSA-FLEX locations – Missing spare parts are available quickly
  • Short response times
  • Euro 4 standard – Vehicles meet fine dust particle requirements