Hydraulic components

More than 4,500 different hydraulic components. Immediately available.

HANSA-FLEX hydraulic components offer customers a range of optimum variants to enhance their value-adding processes.

An optimally stocked warehouse holding more than 4,500 hydraulic components; advice from experienced hydraulics specialists – as part of the company’s system provider concept, the Hydraulic Components department (known as HKO) supports the HANSA-FLEX branches and the technical field sales team.

From hydraulic cylinders in a wide range of variants, pumps, valves, tanks and filters, through to pressure switches and measuring devices, all available from the current in-stock range. A selected 700-bar range is also available ready for distribution. Parts can also be bought-in from external sources at short notice if needed. Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, HANSA-FLEX assures the high quality standard of its hydraulic components with one goal: continuous availability at minimum cost.

Customer advice from the experts

HKO can also provide customers with advice directly, in consultation with the branches, enabling the design and development departments to utilize all the latest know-how at their disposal. Optimum solutions are rapidly devised in consultations between experts. This means project planning of hydraulic systems, the configuration of complex hydraulic assemblies based on the HANSA-FLEX component range can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Special hydraulic cylinders

If a special cylinder fabrication is required, HKO is able to call upon the manufacturing capacities of the HANSA-FLEX Group. The component is produced without delay, tested on a semi-automated test rig in any desired stroke positions, and shipped for
express delivery.

Just-in-time delivery

If requested by customers, HKO can stock ready-to-install components and deliver them as part of a just-in-time system directly to the assembly line. This service also covers prefabricated valve blocks and valve combinations.


Standard items cut costs – special fabrications are possible

HANSA-FLEX hydraulic components and consulting

  • More than 4,500 different hydraulic components immediately available
  • Selected 700-bar range in-stock
  • Supply of ready-to-install hydraulic assemblies, such as valve blocks and valve combinations
  • At customer’s request, stocking for direct installation
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Bought-in parts also available at short notice
  • Customer advice from specialists
  • Clearly laid-out catalogues
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